Load a CSV File and convert into Chart
Load converted Chart JSON with titles and chart settings,


The JSON file stores the data of the loaded CSV and the configuration of graph.

This saves the final result, i.e. the exported chart in MediaWiki syntax
(see WikiChart examples in Wikiversity - https://en.wikiversity.org/wiki/CSV2Chart ).
Display the Handlebars4Code template, that generates the Wiki Chart of the CSV data.


JSON Validator:

Workflow CSV2WikiChart

Basic Workflow of CSV2WikiChart is:


Information about Graphs for CSV

The demo graphs show the possible options for the line chart. The rendering of the chart is performed with MorrisJS. Load a CSV file and set colors and titles in the Editor. Preview the data here and then save/export the data in Wiki Chart template.
Information on basic workflow from CSV data to Wiki Chart.
Please edit the demo data and create a chart for your data by loading a CSV file.

Demo Graph 1

plotted sin(pi * x/180)-function

Demo Graph 2

Demo Graph 3

x-Label Angle: -60 Degrees


Display Options


Print File


Export Extension Handlebars4Code for Wiki-Chart:
- see JSON2Schema on GitLab
Template for Handlebars4Code:
- see Handlebars4Code on GitLab


WebApp - CSV2WikiChart


This is a JSON editor with Load, Save and Print features running completely in the browser without submission of loaded data to remote servers.
- see CSV2Chart on Wikiversity. For generation of graphs see also CAS4Wiki on Wikiversity.
This is an AppLSAC. The application was create with JSONEditor4Menu. See also GitLab repository for source code of JSONEditor4Menu
csv2wikichart_app is an AppLSAC
GitHub Repository with csv2wikichart_app
Repository uses JSON-Editor, LoadFile4DOM, FileSaver and Icons4Menu
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