Please try to change width of the browser window to see what happens with the hamburger menu - with a narrow width the hamburger menu icon will appear on the right top. The menu bar in the Desktop Mode does not show icons. Only in the mobile mode (small width of window on mobile devices) logos are visible in the menu items. You have options for the top menu bar shown below. Create you own WebApp with JSONEditor4Menu. See also general info about the integration of icons in WebApps.


This is News page with page content. With an Open Source JSON Editor originally developed by Jeremy Dorn a Navigation Menu Creator is developed. A first alpha-version is used to created this demo. In the future you can create your own hamburger menu with JSONEditor4Menu which is an Offline AppLSAC.


This Hamburger Menu was created with a first alpha version of JSONEditor4Menu. The Hamburger Menu is an AppLSAC and this first prototype can be download this example as ZIP file from hamburger_menu_app GitHub repository.


This is a Download page with resources used in this demo:


This is a demo contact page. The Hamburger Menu uses JQuery to hide and show the selected pages in the menu. The page navigation is defined in js/menu.js.